Work in Progress… Blasphemy Anthology

Harper is spending her Summer editing an anthology of blasphemous erotica for Burning Book Press, whom you can find at burningbookpress dot com.

Why the question asked of George R. R. Martin was valid

Last week this popped up in my timeline: It made me laugh, and I’m sure most of us Game of Thrones fans – and by Game of Thrones fans I, of course, mean those of us who have never read the books, but delight in the show – can recognise the ridiculous irony of our predicament. But actually, this reminded… Read more →


Stretching my much unused flash fiction fingers with 100 words and a prompt – “pineapple” – from @eroticnotebook. He first mentioned Brazil as I was curved over his lap, his weeping prick between my lips, in a state of some discomfort, limbs angular on either side. He said it again in the morning, with the fruit balanced ceremoniously between his… Read more →

Reflections on Displays of Ownership

I have of late been thinking about ownership, and the ways in which kinky people signify ownership – such as collaring, branding, etc. For me, collaring in particular is highly nuanced. As someone who enjoys puppy play and definitely feels herself to have an inner pup, collaring can, at times, simply be a necessary part of the play. Puppies, regardless… Read more →