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Daisy Daisy

In the Summer of 1999 Daisy joined the class for one term. I know it was 1999 because we were learning about farming, and I know it was the Summer term because no teacher in his right mind would arrange a camping trip in England

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Facebook: Don’t Look Now

Upon discovering that I have a double-barrel surname – Harper Eliot being a pseudonym – a friend of mine immediately proclaimed that I am “posh totty,” which I found highly amusing, largely because in many ways it is true. For example, from the age of



Stretching my much unused flash fiction fingers with 100 words and a prompt – “pineapple” – from @eroticnotebook. He first mentioned Brazil as I was curved over his lap, his weeping prick between my lips, in a state of some discomfort, limbs angular on either

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The Body Grotesque

FYI, ‘body grotesque’ is actually a literary term for literature which describes bodily functions in realistic detail. (For example, see Angela Carter’s Wise Children, the studying of which is where I learned the term.) I’m not using it in its true form, but I think


Sex, Drugs, & Rock’n’Roll

As many of you know, a few weeks ago I helped Molly and Dom Signs judge the Triptych competition. My apologies to everyone for not going around and commenting! but hopefully this Sinful Sunday, which you all inspired, will help make up for that.


Things They Know About Harper

Yesterday was my 24th Birthday; and although I’m not usually one for making a big song and dance about the day of my birth, my twitter timeline was so full of love and laughter that I couldn’t help but pull it all together and share


Blasphemy Call for Submissions

I am happy to announce that I have been asked by Burning Book Press to edit an anthology of erotic fiction. The topic, ‘blasphemy’, came about through a long conversation, with several authors about eighteen months ago. Since that time I have been considering and