Hello you delicious degenerates,

My name is Harper, and I am the brains and lunacy behind HarperEliot dot com. Born and bred in London, I live in a modest semi-detached setting in the depths of dark suburbia, with three appropriately lunatic felines, and one farcical parent, far far away from my place of work, my university – where I am doing a BA in English Literature, – and, it seems, anywhere I really want to be. My few vices include: nicotine, lubricant, Earl Grey tea, twitter, opera, nail polish, and pinwheels. But don’t let my sensible, English rose exterior fool you: beneath my pouty lips and braided hair beats the heart of a corrupt little girl and perverted pup.

I started writing erotic fiction in 2009 as Lady Grinning Soul – on a shared blog which a good friend claims is still in existence, though I haven’t dared look for it, – and since then I have been through various incarnations. Much to the chagrin of my fellow bloggers I cannot stop building and moving to new websites, though I hope for all our sakes that this will be my final stop; at least for a good few years. Nowadays I primarily write non-fiction and co-host podcasts, though I would still count myself as an erotic fiction author on occasion, and a photographer when the mood takes me.

Currently, I run my own show, the (It Girl. Rag Doll) Podcast, with Molly Moore, where we talk all things sex, kink, relationships, and the erotic arts; and I co-host Bad Porn Club with Mister Gryphon, where we lovingly and laughingly consider the highlights (and lowlights) of pornography. I also have two columns: The Novice Non-Monogamist – a Life on the Swingset column – where I endeavour to write honestly about my thoughts and experiences with non-monogamy; and a Write Sex Right column titled Harper’s Bizarre, in which I consider how sex is represented and utilised in the arts.

Over the past three years I have also become a small cog in the machinery of Eroticon (the UK’s only conference for sex bloggers and erotica authors), where I have organised reading events and presented a couple of sessions. My fiction work has been published by Sweetmeats Press, Write Sex Right, and Ether Books (where you can find For a Few Dollars More, to date the story of which I am most proud.) In the Summer of 2014 I am undertaking my first editing project (for Burning Book Press), an anthology of stories which deal with eroticism and blasphemy.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so by sending an email to hello (at) harpereliot dot com. Although I am willing to consider advertising, marketing, and promotional cooperation, be warned that I am extremely discerning and unless the company in question is highly concerned with ethical practices, exceptional quality, and exquisite aesthetics, we will not be working together.

In the meantime, if you are an individual who would like to support my work, I have a wish list which exclusively features books and products I feel would enhance my writing and/or make good article topics. The best way to support me is to give a little inspiration, because I couldn’t possibly afford to keep my book shelves up to date all on my own. But I promise never to ask you to pay for the shelves.

And finally, if you need me, I can usually be found on busy London trains, plugged into some podcast or other, snapping distorted photographs through smudged windows.

~ Harper