Life Lessons

The Body Grotesque

FYI, ‘body grotesque’ is actually a literary term for literature which describes bodily functions in realistic detail. (For example, see Angela Carter’s Wise Children, the studying of which is where I learned the term.) I’m not using it in its true form, but I think as you read on it will become fairly clear how it might apply here. Last… Read more →

The User Manual

The personal user manual is an idea I got from Cunning Minx on her podcast, Polyamory Weekly. It’s a great podcast, and I love Minx’s no-bullshit, straightforward approach to non-monogamy. Her own user manual is a great read, and acted as a good model when it came to writing my own. I have actually been meaning to write it for… Read more →

The Marriage Service [Edited]

Last weekend I posted a very drunken Audioboo as I stood outside a beautiful estate house in the country, inside which one of my closest (and youngest) friends was dancing with his new bride. In this Audioboo I claimed that I would edit the Church of England Marriage Service to demonstrate how little of it I’d include in my own… Read more →

Happiness in Certainty

It is extraordinarily unfair that when I am happy I find I have nothing to write about, and when I am unhappy I lack the wherewithal to bring my numerous thoughts together on the page. How I have ever written anything at all seems a complete mystery. But happy or unhappy; content or blank, there is still, always, a small… Read more →

Being in the Closet(s)

Yesterday I read this excellent article by Aggie at Solopoly, about being in or coming out of the poly closet. You can read the article for yourself, but – in a nutshell – it discusses the pros and cons of being in the closet, and seems to conclude that being in the closet is hard on the people around you,… Read more →

From May to December: Reflections on Dating Older Men

For the past four years or so, I have been exclusively dating older men. Some just five, or seven, or nine years older, and some… well, significantly older than that. And really, when I say “older men,” I mean those who are (roughly) 15+ years older than me. Because I find that it is at around the fifteen year age… Read more →

Abercrombie & Fitch, Burlington Gardens, Saturday 30th March 2013, 2.00pm

If it wasn’t for the hoards of people pouring in and out of the front doors of Abercrombie & Fitch on Burlington Gardens, clutching their monochrome paper bags in their gleeful hands, the building would have appeared fairly inconspicuous. Grand, beige stone, it fit in well with the master tailors whose shops looked almost closed just around the corner. But… Read more →