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Porn Nails and Ponytails

As a general rule, I tend not to make New Years’ Resolutions. I make resolutions all the time, but I don’t feel the need to make any extra effort at the beginning of the calendar year. The thinking behind this is that resolutions ought to

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Daisy Daisy

In the Summer of 1999 Daisy joined the class for one term. I know it was 1999 because we were learning about farming, and I know it was the Summer term because no teacher in his right mind would arrange a camping trip in England

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Facebook: Don’t Look Now

Upon discovering that I have a double-barrel surname – Harper Eliot being a pseudonym – a friend of mine immediately proclaimed that I am “posh totty,” which I found highly amusing, largely because in many ways it is true. For example, from the age of

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The Body Grotesque

FYI, ‘body grotesque’ is actually a literary term for literature which describes bodily functions in realistic detail. (For example, see Angela Carter’s Wise Children, the studying of which is where I learned the term.) I’m not using it in its true form, but I think


Things They Know About Harper

Yesterday was my 24th Birthday; and although I’m not usually one for making a big song and dance about the day of my birth, my twitter timeline was so full of love and laughter that I couldn’t help but pull it all together and share


Eroticon 2014, Meet’n’Greet

My goodness! is it that time already? It feels as though we only just stepped off the plane from Atlanta, but apparently Eroticon 2014 is right around the corner! Third year, fourth Eroticon; you’d think I might have got the hang of this by now;


Thank Yous from Eroticon USA

Two weeks ago I was in Atlanta. It seems both ridiculously recent and such a very long time ago. In all honesty, the weekend – nay, the whole week! – was something of a blur; between exhaustion and excitement and inspiration and (yes) arousal, the


Rope on Red

Einstein’s, Atlanta – 2013 At the Eroticon USA after-party. Rope by Graydancer. Photograph by Molly. Happiness by everyone.


Eroticon USA Meet and Greet

In exactly – exactly! – a month, I will be in Atlanta, at Eroticon USA. To say this excites me is a huge understatement. I cannot wait to be there. Along those lines, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, you’d better move quick before the


The User Manual

The personal user manual is an idea I got from Cunning Minx on her podcast, Polyamory Weekly. It’s a great podcast, and I love Minx’s no-bullshit, straightforward approach to non-monogamy. Her own user manual is a great read, and acted as a good model when