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Why the question asked of George R. R. Martin was valid

Last week this popped up in my timeline: It made me laugh, and I’m sure most of us Game of Thrones fans – and by Game of Thrones fans I, of course, mean those of us who have never read the books, but delight in the show – can recognise the ridiculous irony of our predicament. But actually, this reminded… Read more →

The Marriage Service [Edited]

Last weekend I posted a very drunken Audioboo as I stood outside a beautiful estate house in the country, inside which one of my closest (and youngest) friends was dancing with his new bride. In this Audioboo I claimed that I would edit the Church of England Marriage Service to demonstrate how little of it I’d include in my own… Read more →

Hysteria: trigger words and social response

This morning I was linked to a BBC news article from 24th April 2013 titled Sex consent could still lead to rape charge, judges say. The piece discusses a case in which a man and a woman engaged in consensual vaginal intercourse without protection, agreed to on the basis that the man would withdraw before he ejaculated. He did not,… Read more →

Abercrombie & Fitch, Burlington Gardens, Saturday 30th March 2013, 2.00pm

If it wasn’t for the hoards of people pouring in and out of the front doors of Abercrombie & Fitch on Burlington Gardens, clutching their monochrome paper bags in their gleeful hands, the building would have appeared fairly inconspicuous. Grand, beige stone, it fit in well with the master tailors whose shops looked almost closed just around the corner. But… Read more →

Online Dating: Filling out an OkCupid profile

Writing dating profiles is not an easy task, which is probably why, when you’re browsing dating sites, you come across so many half-arsed, haphazard profiles. Perhaps there’s also an air of ‘I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard’, but truth be told, I don’t answer messages from content-less profiles, I rarely answer messages from profiles without pictures,… Read more →

Prosa Sparse: On Rebirth

In Venice, in 1505, a man named Pietro Bembo published a collection of prose and poetry on the (supposed) importance of neo-platonic love, called Gli Asolani. From what I’ve been told, this collection placed a great emphasis on the grand splendour of spiritual love and devotion, to the detriment of human love and lust. Hardly a unique idea, and –… Read more →

The Disappearance of Simple Story Arcs in Cinema

This piece discusses The Hobbit, and although I worked hard not to include any spoilers, if you really want to avoid even the most general insights, I’d suggest waiting until you’ve already seen the film. I know how important these things can be. As 2012 draws to a close, the world is – once again – becoming reflective. Of course,… Read more →

Pandarus: the gatekeeper of consent

Chaucer’s main source material when he wrote his epic poem Troilus and Criseyde was Boccaccio’s Il Filostrato. In Il Filostrato Troilio is a rather straightforward young man who pursues the beautiful Cressida and meets with little resistance. Their coming together is rather simple, and in the prologue, Boccaccio’s narrator even identifies with Troilio as a lover. Chaucer’s take is a… Read more →

Dominance and Submission As Informed By Gender Roles

In many ways gender is no more than a theoretical concept. It is a form of identification and categorisation; pronouns, ID, bathrooms – gender helps us sort people into daily life. It could be argued that social experience begins by a child being “gendered”. In fact, nowadays, we can sort a person into one of these two categories before s/he… Read more →