Thank Yous from Eroticon USA

Two weeks ago I was in Atlanta. It seems both ridiculously recent and such a very long time ago. In all honesty, the weekend – nay, the whole week! – was something of a blur; between exhaustion and excitement and inspiration and (yes) arousal, the week passed with incredible speed and produced some wonderful things. For example: if you haven’t… Read more →

Review: ‘Beautiful Losers’ (Remittance Girl)

Being, as Molly Moore put it, “a fully paid up member of the Remittance Girl fan-club” I was excited from the moment I heard that there would be another of her novels in the world come December 2012. But when I linked up the title, ‘Beautiful Losers’, with a series of podcasts I listened to the year before, I have… Read more →

EM-CA Mixed Media Meet in review

Scuttling down Wardour Street, through the rain, under my torn, leopard print umbrella, on a grey Saturday afternoon, I found my way to the beautiful – and delicious – Le Pain Quotidien for the EM-CA Mixed Media Meet. A regular (for almost a year now!) at the Creative Networking Nights, this was my first EM-CA event that didn’t involve dimmed… Read more →