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Porn Nails and Ponytails

As a general rule, I tend not to make New Years’ Resolutions. I make resolutions all the time, but I don’t feel the need to make any extra effort at the beginning of the calendar year. The thinking behind this is that resolutions ought to

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The Body Grotesque

FYI, ‘body grotesque’ is actually a literary term for literature which describes bodily functions in realistic detail. (For example, see Angela Carter’s Wise Children, the studying of which is where I learned the term.) I’m not using it in its true form, but I think


The User Manual

The personal user manual is an idea I got from Cunning Minx on her podcast, Polyamory Weekly. It’s a great podcast, and I love Minx’s no-bullshit, straightforward approach to non-monogamy. Her own user manual is a great read, and acted as a good model when


Terms of Fatness

Yesterday Remittance Girl wrote a magnificent piece titled Now That I’m Fat. There is plenty I could say about this piece, but I am in almost complete agreement, and reiterating what she said seems like a waste of my and your time. So please just


Sex Bytes: A New Day, a New Title

As many of you may know, Molly recently took over from Lilly as the editor of e[lust]. With only a couple of months break, e[lust] #43 is almost ready to post, and I for one am excited at the prospect of having this useful and


Prosa Sparse: On Rebirth

In Venice, in 1505, a man named Pietro Bembo published a collection of prose and poetry on the (supposed) importance of neo-platonic love, called Gli Asolani. From what I’ve been told, this collection placed a great emphasis on the grand splendour of spiritual love and


Escaping the Individual

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing erotica, and one way or another the conversation came round to the topic of oral sex. We both agreed that it wasn’t something we particularly enjoyed receiving, and so we began to question why. I