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Three Sketches in London

Sketches: 1. Chinatown

Tucked tight in the corner, shadowed in oak, seconds ticked over as his fingers traced my neck. The skin and bones; the nerves and veins. My flesh malleable, caught in the pinch of his hunger. He found the point, below my jaw, beneath my ear. Imprinted the mark of his finger in the hollow. My lips parted around gasps, and his tongue met my whimper. Prized open, weak in his palm, I accepted his kiss and returned it, until the urgency of his hand forced cries from my throat.

I pleaded, asked, didn’t want him to let go, but called his name. He claimed my mouth; bit and tasted. Extracted what he wanted as my arms hung limp at my sides, my hands folded open, half heard. Read more

Dominance and Submission As Informed By Gender Roles

sharon-needles-preparing-for-show-rupauls-drag-raceIn many ways gender is no more than a theoretical concept. It is a form of identification and categorisation; pronouns, ID, bathrooms – gender helps us sort people into daily life. It could be argued that social experience begins by a child being “gendered”. In fact, nowadays, we can sort a person into one of these two categories before s/he is even born. Read more

Safe Words and Responsible Authorship

urlThe first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is rarely quoted in full. We often hear:

All human beings are born free and equal (in dignity and rights).

This opening line is, of course, extremely important. The question of freedom is one that I have discussed here at great length, on several occasions, and it is something that many people devote many hours to in consideration, particularly as concerns situations where the expression of one person’s freedom impedes another’s. Which is why what follows this first line is so important: Read more