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Hysteria: trigger words and social response

This morning I was linked to a BBC news article from 24th April 2013 titled Sex consent could still lead to rape charge, judges say. The piece discusses a case in which a man and a woman engaged in consensual vaginal intercourse without protection, agreed


Sex Bytes: A New Day, a New Title

As many of you may know, Molly recently took over from Lilly as the editor of e[lust]. With only a couple of months break, e[lust] #43 is almost ready to post, and I for one am excited at the prospect of having this useful and


Dan says we’ve been insulted!

Being, as I am, a dedicated listener of the Savage Lovecast – at it’s most inane it keeps my romantic brain sane – I was intrigued by Dan Savage’s claim that heterosexual people had been insulted by the Pope in his speech to the diplomatic