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Lies in Amateur Porn

Lies in Amateur Porn Stole in at starlight, Unravelled sinew from sheet. He stared at slightness. Assuming I was safe – told true darkness is gritty – Thought you forgot but she twisted her wrist, Displaying point of contact and stole my orgasm.


The Minotaur

WARNING: this piece contains themes of beastiality. Please use your best judgement when deciding whether to read on. Ice on ice, grey on grey, barefoot on the silken stone, the sacrificial bodies, “sick as sin”, shook in their sheets and only one pure face dared


Subverting Early English Poetics

Having been dry, for months, on both style and content, as you may have gleaned, I haven’t been writing creatively. Aside from a week of National Novel Writing Month – which I stopped when I realised I was less interested in my characters than I