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Aural Sex, in review

Aural-Sex-at-Eroticon-2013A few months ago Ruby asked me to organise a reading event for Eroticon 2013. It was something a few of us sorely missed at Eroticon 2012 – since it seemed appropriate that a writers’ conference should showcase the writing of some delegates! – and since Eroticon 2013 was run over the course of two days, this afforded us the perfect opportunity to provide some evening’s entertainment. I was also thrilled to be asked to take on so much responsibility, to be trusted with the care of such great words, and to get to work with such wonderful people.

The evening itself was not without it’s hiccups, and I’ll admit that as the event went on and on, I did wonder if I had tried to pack just a little too much into one evening. But truth be told, I was very selective when I chose the readers, and I really feel that every one of them needed the space to voice their words, because they were all brilliant. Furthermore, whilst I have organised events before, I had never organised a reading night like this; so there was bound to be a little trial and error. Next time, I’m sure, I will pull it off with significantly more finesse. Read more

Eroticon 2013 Meet’n’Greet etc.

Screen-Shot-2013-02-08-at-20.49.33Name: Harper Eliot

Twitter ID: @HarperEliot

Must attend Eroticon 2013 session: Gosh – there are quite a few! but one I’m particularly looking forward to is Polyamory 101 with Lori Smith and Amanda Jones.

Bloggers you’d like to be trapped in a lift with: How big is this lift? Lori Smith, Zoe Margolis, Remittance Girl, and Molly Moore. (Assuming Miss Kiddell would be present over the intercom, seeings as this is her event.)

Erotic writer you’d like to dramatize your life story: Oh! Remittance Girl. Undoubtedly. Read more