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Daisy Daisy

In the Summer of 1999 Daisy joined the class for one term. I know it was 1999 because we were learning about farming, and I know it was the Summer term because no teacher in his right mind would arrange a camping trip in England



Stretching my much unused flash fiction fingers with 100 words and a prompt – “pineapple” – from @eroticnotebook. He first mentioned Brazil as I was curved over his lap, his weeping prick between my lips, in a state of some discomfort, limbs angular on either


Terms of Fatness

Yesterday Remittance Girl wrote a magnificent piece titled Now That I’m Fat. There is plenty I could say about this piece, but I am in almost complete agreement, and reiterating what she said seems like a waste of my and your time. So please just


Sex Bytes: A New Day, a New Title

As many of you may know, Molly recently took over from Lilly as the editor of e[lust]. With only a couple of months break, e[lust] #43 is almost ready to post, and I for one am excited at the prospect of having this useful and


The ‘Just Write’ Principle

One of the best things about being part of a community of writers – even if it is just on twitter – is the feedback and the tips you receive from your fellow writers. Anything from an idea for an article to a thorough critique


The Pseudonym Problem

Saturday 3rd March was a day of realisations and new consciousness; over the course of the twelve hours I spent at Eroticon I suddenly became aware of so many truths and complexities inherent in writing about sex, and most of them were sparked at the


Eroticon 2012 In Review

Oh where do I begin! Like many of the people who could be found at Armada House, Bristol on Saturday 3rd March, I had been looking forward to Eroticon 2012 for close to a year. That is quite some build up! And with the amount


The Fat Issue

Over the past few days I have been following the comments and commenting on this piece – Gwyneth Paltrow’s Fat Shaming and America’s Binging Epidemic – over at RachelRabbitWhite.com, and my feelings towards this issue have finally come to a head. So I’m setting my smut