Things They Know About Harper

Yesterday was my 24th Birthday; and although I’m not usually one for making a big song and dance about the day of my birth, my twitter timeline was so full of love and laughter that I couldn’t help but pull it all together and share the joy. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the “things I know about Harper” hashtag, and wished me a Happy Birthday and made my day so wonderful. Here is my first ever Storify! (Though I can see it becoming addictive‚Ķ)

  2 comments for “Things They Know About Harper

  1. little one
    25/03/2014 at 20:54

    Things I know about Harper Eliot:
    Absolutely nothing, except she is very very adorable and I would like to meet her. Would love to attend the ‘Write sex Right” workshop someday. My BDSM novel is finished!

    Hugs to you, fellow Aries!

    • Harper Eliot
      26/03/2014 at 09:19

      Haha, thank you!

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